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Young Marriage
A group for young married people!
Originally posted by bnoodle24 at My Relationship
My name: Britt
His/Her name: Jeremy
I live: Fredericksburg, VA, USA
He/She lives: Potsdam, NY, USA
My age: 18
His/Her age: 18
Distance: 555 miles
Together since: December 4th, 2009

How we met: I honestly don't remember it. I was 8 days old and he was about 3 months. We have been best friends our entire lives.

We get to see each other (approximately how often): I haven't seen him since August 21st and I will see him October 13th. This is the longest we have been apart in about 10 years.

Future plans: We plan on being engaged in 2 years. And married in 4. Won't that be an amazing love story? Wish us luck!!

Do you think my relationship has promise?


Share some photos: bk3 - Copy
bk4 - Copy
Your Name:

Your SO's Name:

Your Ages:
He's 27 I am 24.


Wedding date:

How you met:
We met online.  He found out I was being abused, set up a place for me to live, and I ran away to be with him.  Almost 8 years later, it was the best decision I ever made.

Best thing about being married/engaged:
I am never alone in life anymore.

Least best thing about being married/engaged:
Its so much work.  Love isnt the feeling you get the first two years of your relationship.  Love is the time after that, when it would be easier to walk out the door, but you dont because deep down you never want to see your life without that person.

If you'd like, post a pic of you guys together! <3

If you want to see here you go!Collapse )

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Your Name: Kirsty
Your SO's Name: Jarrod
Your Ages: 19 and 22 right now, 20 and 23 when we get married
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Wedding date: 25th April 2009
How you met: On the internet (faceparty, to be more specific). We talked on msn for a while, then nothing, then he was in a band and wanted me to go see them. So I did, he got me on the door list and I was in love from then on. Since that night we've been inseperable.
Best thing about being married/engaged: Waking up next to someone and knowing theyre going to be there for the rest of your life.
Least best thing about being married/engaged: Right now its walking into bridal shops and being asked a million questions to "proove" that I am indeed getting married and not just some young kid wanting to try on pretty dresses for fun.
Comments/anything else?: Not right now.
True Love
 Your Name: Dora
Your SO's Name: Jonathan
Your Ages: him=22 me=21
Location: Del Rio, Texas
Wedding date: December 22, 2006
How you met: At Lubbock Christian University through my roommate
Best thing about being married/engaged: getting share our lives with one another, planning our future and enjoying it.
Least best thing about being married/engaged: separation at this point. He's in the Air Force.
Comments/anything else?: see him again after being gone away from him is the best feeling in the world.

True Love
Your Name: Tabi
Your SO's Name: John
Your Ages: I am 22 (23 this Saturday)and John is 21 (will be 22 in November.)
Location: Big Rapids Michigan
Wedding date: July 12 2003

How you met: We actually met in middle school. We dated on and off but never for more than like a month ion high school!! One of our friends told us our sophomore year that we were going to get married and have kids, because even when we were weren't together we were such good friends. John and I thought he was crazy!!

Best thing about being married/engaged: Being with my best friend every single day! We have days were we fight and argue but I love being with him everyday. Just when I think we are about to get to a point in our marriage were we may both be unhappy something makes me fall in love with him all over again. I love that!!

Least best thing about being married/engaged: I get asked this question and never know how to answer it. Not everything is perfect, there are good days and bad. I think the worst part for me is when we fight, I can't run to my best friends for comfort, because he is my best friend!

Comments/anything else? We have a two almost three year old son, Nikko and we are expecting our second little one, a girl named Keely!!

True Love
Poll #1053308 work is done.....?

What is your favorite thing about going home after work?

spending some time with your hunny
your not at work
cooking and cleaning for your hunny
hanging out with friends
To liven the community a little I thought I would post a poll...just to learn some thing about everyone.....
True Love

Your Name: Katlyn (katie)
Your SO's Name: Steven
Your Ages: Both 20
Location: Daphne Alabama
Wedding date: May 11, 2007
How you met: Through a friend he was working at sonic with my best friends boyfriend
Best thing about being married/engaged: I love being with him and waking up next to him its great!
Least best thing about being married/engaged: Having to go to 2 dinners on holidays! and the Money Situation right now till he is done with school.

Comments/anything else?: I will Post some pictures later!
  1. Emotional Benefits of Marriage:

    Contrary to popular belief, marriage gives men and women an equal mental health boost. In 1972, sociologist Jessie Bernard looked at symptoms of anxiety, depression, neurosis and passivity in married and unmarried.She found that men were better off married than single, and concluded that they got those benefits at the expense of women. That became a central tenet of the women's liberation movement in the 1970s, and is still often cited. But psychologist David de Vaus from La Trobe University in Melbourne points out that Bernard's research only looked at a narrow definition of stress. "It is well known that women are much more likely to score highly on those disorders," he says. Most research has ignored the fact that mental disorder can manifest itself in men in the form of drug and alcohol abuse, de Vaus claims. So, in conclusion, marriage benefits both men and women when it comes to emotional health.

  2. Marriage can make you look younger.

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Jan 30, 2006 (UPI via COMTEX) -- Danish researchers say a happy marriage and plenty of money can take years off of a person's appearance.

    The study, conducted by the University of Southern Demark, found that a married woman who has not spent a lot of time in the sun, could look at least seven years younger than a woman who is single. Also, marriage can make a woman look almost two years younger by the time she reaches middle age.

  3. Financial reasons to stay married. {p]It is clear that divorce often comes with a financial penalty: 47 per cent of divorced people say divorce made their financial situation worse. In fact, respondents to the survey also reported that because of their divorce:


  1. 35 per cent had to go into debt.



  • 22 per cent had to seek financial support from friends and family;.


  • 28 per cent had to sell household items or personal assets; and.


  • 27 per cent had to sell or redeem financial investments.


  1. Children are affected financially as well. One poll found that 44 per cent of people said it was extremely difficult to save for post- secondary education after divorce.
  2. Children of divorce are more likely to divorce.]/ol]

    Children of divorced parents often vow not to repeat the same mistakes their parents did. They want to avoid putting themselves and their own children through the pain and stress that comes from divorce. But, according to University of Utah researcher Nicholas H. Wolfinger, these children’s aspirations face unfavorable odds.

    "Growing up in a divorced family greatly increases the chances of ending one’s own marriage, a phenomenon called the divorce cycle or the intergenerational transmission of divorce" says Wolfinger, assistant professor in the University of Utah’s Department of Family and Consumer Studies.

    Wolfinger has spent a decade studying the marriages of children from divorced homes in America. These children are more likely to marry as teens, cohabitate and marry someone who is also a child of divorced parents. And they are also one-third less likely to marry if they are over age 20.

Well, I have heard from a few members of the community that his community has actually not been very active. I would like to try to spice it up a little bit. This is one of the things I will try to do frequently and that is just drop a reason WHY to be married :)

Today that reason is:

You get an honest opinion about whether your ideas are bad!

Your Name: Amanda
Your SO's Name: Jason
Your Ages: 24 & 23
Location:  Beaches of North Florida
Wedding date: 06-24-2006
How you met: through a mutual friend
Best thing about being married/engaged:   having a best friend around everyday
Least best thing about being married/engaged:  getting use to each others habbits
Comments/anything else?: I love being married and I love my married life.  I also love to get insight from others and this is why I joined the communitie.  We were told and stil after a year have been told we are too young to be married.  We are both in a career and both have our degrees but yet we are too young.  Whatever...we chose not to listen.  Got married and loving every day of it!

True Love