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Young Marriage
A group for young married people!
Your Name: Heather
Your SO's Name: Paul
Your Ages: I am 20 and Paul is 21
Location: New Hampshire
Wedding date: June 14,2008
How you met: We met at the University of New Hampshire. We are both members of Army ROTC
Best thing about being married/engaged: Being able to spend the rest of my life with someone who makes me feel so special.
Least best thing about being married/engaged: The army does not honor engagements so there is no guarantee that we will be stationed together.
Comments/anything else?: I am really excited to start planning my wedding. I'm even more excited to start my life with my future Hubby! Under the cut is a picture of the two of us.

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True Love
Your Name: Summer.
Your SO's Name: Evan.
Your Ages: I'm 18 (19 in October) and he turned 19 in April.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio.
Wedding Date: June 23, 2007.
How you met: Through a mutual friend at school in junior high.
Best thing about being married:Playing video games in our underwear together.
Least best thing about being married: N/A

Your Name: Krystal

Your SO's Name: Jeremy

Your Ages: 22 & 24

Location: Northeast Ohio

Wedding date: August 26, 2006

How you met: We met through mutual friends who were dating and wanted to set us up. Both of us had just gotten out of really bad relationships and were looking to start over new. It was a complete blind date in January 2004 and we’ve been together ever since.

Best thing about being married/engaged: Knowing that person is there for you through thick and thin and feeling protected. He spoils me and I love it!! :0)  

Least best thing about being married/engaged: Having someone know everything about you and not having secrets or something to yourself. I’m a very kept person and sometimes find it hard to tell him things and he’s the kind of person that would rather walk away instead of talking things out.

Comments/anything else?: I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter, whom I got pregnant with when I was 17. She’s so smart and so beautiful!!! We’re also planning on getting pregnant this summer!!!

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True Love
hubby had a meeting with someone at samford yesterday about starting school there in the fall. He is interested in majoring in music (to be a worship leader at a church) and out of curiosity, he asked the guy how long schooling would take. Want to take a guess? 6 years!

Josh always told me he didn't want to have kids while still in school, but now that he sees it's going to take 6 years to finish, he dropped that rule.

He said, "I know you really want kids. If by the time you're 26 I'm not done with school, I'm getting a better job and we'll just go ahead and start trying then."

Holy cow! My baby fever is really kicking in now. Here's to hoping we can at least start trying next year when I am 25! We'll see


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True Love
Your Name: Megan
Your SO's Name: Damian
Your Ages: 19 & 22
Location: Upstate NY (like an hour from Albany, like 10 mins from Lake George)
Wedding date: Nov. 11th 2006 (we were planning for a nice little wedding in the summer but his family lets nothing be a small affair and we couldn't have afforded it, so we did the "Quick! Get a priest!" thing and did it that way.
How you met: On Myspace (I know- laugh it up), I only intended to watch some movies and try to make a new friend...and we knew we were going to get married after that night.
Best thing about being married/engaged: I am attached to my best friend and always have someone to count on (as he does too). We never have to go anywhere alone. But truthfully we have been like that from the start and getting married felt no different for us. We just have titles now.
Least best thing about being married/engaged: Although we made the huge step of getting married, no one thinks we can make decisions for ourselves. His parents insist they will kill us if we have kids before he is over 30. Everytime we mention doing something that costs money they jump down our throats about saving. We just make one of the biggest decisions of our life but apparently can't make any other.
Comments/anything else?: We are currently TTC and add to our family. Which I will not tell anyone because they would flip out, which is sad. I would love to tell people this news but cannot. They are too concerned it will take away our "spontaneous adventures" that we don't even have and of course- the money. But you know what, his parents waited over 10 years after they got married and they still couldn't afford it.

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True Love

Your Name: Gillian Russell
Your SO's Name: Charles Meisner
Your Ages: 20 and 20 (I'm 3 months older)
Location: Halifax NS, Canada
Wedding date: July 2 2007
How you met: We both worked at mcds. I asked him out.
Best thing about being married/engaged: Never being bored at my work cuz there is so much to do to plan this
Least best thing about being married/engaged: Extra stresses/tension
Comments/anything else?: Pink and Orange
I have a random question for you married ladies.
Do you wear your wedding rings to sleep? I was just wondering what y'all do, I've been married for almost 7 months and I always take my ring off when I go to bed because I worry about my ring falling off. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
True Love
Your Name: Nita
Your SO's Name: Nic
Your Ages: Me (23) Nic (22)
Location: Middletown Oh
Wedding date:2-20-03
How you met: We met through movie nights at a friends house. He basically walked in the door and claimed me. :)
Best thing about being married/engaged: Having my best friend at my side at all times.
Least best thing about being married/engaged: All the extra family nonsense come Holiday's.
Comments/anything else?: We have a soon to be 3 year old daughter. At times I feel as if I have been through "hell" and back these past few years, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

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Your Name: Amber
Your SO's Name: Chris
Your Ages: 18 and he's 20
Location:Memphis, TN...though the wedding will be in MA
Wedding date: Feb 14th, 2009
How you met: through a friend
Best thing about being married/engaged: I just moved here from MA and it's nice to just be able to see my fiance everyday...
Least best thing about being married/engaged: Adjusting to the move, in-laws, and money issues
Comments/anything else?: *waves shyly* hi!
True Love
Your Name: Kelly
Your SO's Name: Brandon
Your Ages: I'm 22; he is 23
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Wedding date: March 13, 2004
How you met: We met through a couple of mutual friends - they swear they weren't up to any matchmaking, though!
Best thing about being married/engaged: Being happy. Really. There is nothing else to describe marriage, it's just happy.
Least best thing about being married/engaged: Some of his family I could do without, but they're my family, now, too.
Comments/anything else?: Just glad to be here & hopefully can offer advice or get advice :)

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