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Young Marriage

A group for young married people!

A community for young married couples.
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Marriage is sacred.

For those of you who are tired of the constant nagging about "being too young to be married," this just might be the group for you!
You see, here, I will not be allowing anyone to put anyone down, or spout off about how younger people don't know about getting married. I find that rude, and wrong. Age has nothing to do with marriage. Sure, in some cases it does.. but not all of them. People have stereo-typed young marriages for a long time, and though it aggravates me, there's nothing I can do about it. For someone getting married at 18 could be more mature than someone getting married at 27, it's just a matter of the person. Their maturity level makes all the difference.
I'd also like to add to this that love is love, and everyone is welcome to join.

Also, I do not mind if you advertise your community or whatever, as long as it is MARRIAGE/engagement related. Thank you! :D

New members, please fill this out and copy and paste it onto the community!
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Your Name:
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Your Ages:
Wedding date:
How you met:
Best thing about being married/engaged:
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Comments/anything else?:

If you'd like, post a pic of you guys together! <3

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